Is it too cold to be sleeping outside tonight?

Are you worried about someone sleeping rough?
Anyone can become homeless, and sleeping rough can be dangerous and can damage your health.  The longer someone sleeps rough, the greater the risk that they will become trapped on the streets and vulnerable to becoming a victim of crime, developing drug or alcohol problems, or experiencing problems with their health.

Rough sleepers may not be known to local services because they remain out of sight, bedding down at different times of day or night, and moving from place to place.  Not all rough sleepers are aware that advice and support is available to them.

How you can help
StreetLink is a website that enables the public to alert local authorities in England and Wales about people sleeping rough in their area.  This service offers the public a means to act when they see someone sleeping rough, and is the first step someone can take to ensure rough sleepers are connected to the local services and support available to them.

Please use to ensure that services within the council are notified and can offer advice, support and assistance.