Assisted Home Ownership Schemes

Assisted Home Ownership Schemes

What is affordable housing?
House prices have soared over the last few years and despite the recent fall in prices they are still unaffordable for many people.  A range of affordable housing options have been developed by the council in partnership with Cymdeithas Tai Clwyd, Clwyd Alyn Housing Association and Wales & West Housing Association to help those who cannot afford to buy or rent at full market values and who are not eligible for social rented properties.


These options help first time buyers to get on the property ladder or enable them to rent at a more affordable price to enable them to save towards a deposit to buy their own home.  All the options available are highlighted in Flintshire County Council’s Affordable Homes Guide and an application form for those people who are interested in either buying or renting an affordable property.

Cymdeithas Tai Clwyd manage the application process and waiting list for Flintshire County Council. Please return the application forms to Cymdeithas Tai Clwyd.


To be eligible for these schemes, generally you must:
•    Be over 18 years of age
•    Be a UK or EU/EEA passport holder or have Indefinite Leave to Remain stamped in your passport.
•    Have some connection to Flintshire i.e. living, working or close family connections in the    Borough, or have lived in the Borough in the past.   
•    Be able to meet the long-term financial commitment of home ownership (if you are interested in purchasing a property)  

The schemes are not available to those who:
•    Are not UK or EU/EEA passport holders and whose passport is not stamped with Indefinite Leave to Remain
•    Have benefited from a low cost home ownership initiative in the past
•    Can afford to buy or rent a property suitable for their needs on the open market


Register your interest

If you are interested in affordable housing options it is essential that you register your interest. Once registered, you will be notified of affordable homes for rent or sale that become available through any of the Housing Associations.  

The register is operated in date order.  Your application is registered (subject to meeting the criteria) on the date the application is received. Although the register is operated in date order, some applicants are given priority status, which will enable them to receive assistance to purchase a property sooner.

To register, you can download the form or contact the Affordable Housing Team at Tai Clwyd on 0345 230 3140 or e-mail:

Available Properties