Social Housing in Flintshire


About Social Housing

What is Social Housing?

Social Housing is housing provided by Local Councils and Housing Associations at rates that are affordable to those on low incomes.  Registration for social housing is dependent upon the household of the applicant meeting housing need as defined in the lettings policy.

What is the new Flintshire Housing Register?

The Flintshire Housing Register is used to allocate social housing across Flintshire to eligible applicants.

From April 2015 a new Housing Register, shared by all housing providers in the County of Flintshire.  Previously your local Council and each Housing Association in your area had its own housing register/list which you needed to apply for separately.

Who is Involved?

We are a partnership involving your local Council and all local Housing Associations: Flintshire County Council; Gr┼Áp Cynefin; Clwyd Alyn; and Wales &  West Housing.

We want to make it easier for people to apply to us for housing.  We also want to provide a better service to anyone looking for a new home.

Why did we want to change things?

One reason was previously  each landlord had a separate housing register/list and policy.  We wanted to simplify this, for the benefit of the customer.

Another reason is there isn’t actually enough social housing for everyone on the housing register/lists.  So, we want to give people better advice.  We want to tell people about useful alternatives to just waiting on a social housing register/list.

Housing options

In the past  you may not have been given advice on all the different affordable housing options available to you before registering for social housing and to help you decide if it’s the right option for you.

Flintshire Housing Solutions will offer and discuss the best housing options with each customer depending on their circumstances.  Our advice will cover the whole range of affordable housing options, including social housing, private rented accommodation, home ownership and other alternatives.

Recognised housing need

Previously applicants  could go on the housing register/list, regardless of whether they had a recognised housing need or not.

In the future Housing Solutions will assess applications and only those with recognised housing need in our new banding scheme will be able to go on the new Housing Register.

Application process

Flintshire Housing Solutions will use a process called SARTH (Single Access Route to Housing) which means you only have to make one application to go on the new Housing Register.

How will housing be prioritised? (By bands and not points)

All  partners will use the same banding scheme for prioritising applicants.  

Bedroom requirements

All partners will follow the same rules on bedroom requirements.

Applicants’ past behaviour

Applicant’s previous behaviour as a tenant will be taken into account when they apply for a new home.  For example, someone who has rent arrears and is making no attempt to pay them off or has a history of antisocial behaviour might have their priority reduced.

What will happen when I’m offered a property?

All applicants must be prepared to move as soon as they receive an offer of housing.

Applicants who refuse two reasonable offers, without good reason, will be removed from the Housing Register.

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