Housing Options - Council and Housing Association Accommodation

Council and Housing Associations

Flintshire County Council and the Housing Associations have thousands of properties within the Flintshire area.


I have applied - how long will I have to wait?

People are often surprised at how few properties the Council and Housing Associations now have and how long the waiting list is. The area information provides details to help people who have applied for housing decide whether renting from the Council/Housing Associations is right for them at the moment. This includes details of:

  • Where the Council and Housing Associations have properties
  • The number of lettings made in the various areas of the city
  • The number of applicants waiting to be housed

Have a look at the information to help you decide what you want to do.

I haven't applied yet - what are my options?

You can use the area information to get an idea of the availability of properties in different areas of Flintshire and how many applicants are waiting for those areas.

The area information also provide details at a glance including availability of private rented sector properties which may be more suitable for you depending on where you want to live. If you are interested, you can find out more about buying a property through Assisted Home Ownership Schemes

Are you an existing Council or Housing Association Tenant?

Existing Council and Housing Association tenants who want to move can apply for an exchange or transfer.

You can use the Homeswapper website to find a suitable exchange either in Flintshire or elsewhere.

Registration is free for Flintshire County Council and most Housing Association tenants. You can choose to be advised of suitable matches by text, email or letter - whichever suits you.